Theatre en Iomauna Media GmbH Tue, 30 Sep 2014 12:00:00 GMT OUT NOW! Our OCTOBER MUSIC ISSUE! This month, we go deep inside Berlin's music scene to bring you instrument makers, bass booty shakers, German jazzers, expat rappers... and Finns. All this and more, on newsstands now!

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30 Years Forced Entertainment They’ve done it all, from gibberish to neon sculptures, from playing dead to mischievous guided bus tours. Celebrate their momentous anniversary with classic and current work at all three HAU theatres. Through Oct 19.

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25 Jahre Mauerfall - We Are The Play Part of English Theatre Berlin’s month-long exploration, this site-specific interactive performance piece focuses on Germans and Ausländer during the fall of the Wall.

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Erotic Crisis The new piece from Yael Ronen gives Gorki a more erotic charge. Exploring sexuality among a myriad of social constellations, tonight is the first staging with English subs.

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The Emigrants Part stage-character, part film-character, and part themselves, Threepenny Theatre's performers blur the lines between reality and performance as they use the stage to search for the freedom that inspired their emigration to Germany.

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Little Foxes Thomas Ostermeier’s remarkable take on Lillian Hellman’s text, with Nina Hoss in the main role.

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Supermänner Kreuzberg's space for post-migrant theatre poses a question to you: what is the Turkish man? Beyond the stereotypes, the answers are (un)surprisingly diverse.

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Brutal inspirations INTERVIEW. The summer's last open-air theatre piece will be a doozy. Collaborators Sebastian Nübling and Iver Thuwis confront the intrinsic violence of men's bodies in Fallen, which opens Sep 11 at the Maxim Gorki Theater.

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The Marriage of Maria Braun Rainer Werner Fassbinder's classic take on war, money and the meaning of infidelity is in the hands of the capable and provocative Thomas Ostermeier. With a premiere in September, it runs formally accessible to English speakers (with surtitles) for two nights this month.

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Start of 'Die T-House Tour' Produced in cooperation with Radialsystem, Akademie der Künste and Völksbuhne, 'Die T-House Tour' is the newest project from Novoflot: The show is a improvisational, multidisciplinary work-in-progress that eschews traditional forms of expression.

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We Are the Play We Are the Play by Sisyphos der Flugelefant uses the site of the Berlin Wall Memorial as an interactive performance playground, where the audience can examine personal stories of immigrants and Germans of various descent during the fall of the Wall.

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Crossroads For its 10th anniversary, theatre company Chamäleon teams up with Circa for a mash-up of circus, song and dance in an attempt to dissolve the boundaries between body and instrument, between movement and music.

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Männer in Garagen The Sophiensaele takes over a row of abandoned garages nestled in the outskirts of Pankow for a multi-disciplinary performance festival. A group of over a dozen artists will present a series of conceptual pieces and provoke new ways of thinking.

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bodieSLANGuage Performers coming from eight different countries, including the choreographer duo matanicola and the performer and sign language interpreter Gal Naor try out different body language forms between contemporary dance and pop culture gestures.

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Fallen Director Sebastian Nübling and choreographer Ives Thuwis come together to create Fallen, the summer’s last open-air show, dealing with the intrinsic violence of men’s bodies. With English surtitles.

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Jobs in Himmel A whimsical and existential piece featuring a projected set and some audience participation via smartphones and tablets, this innovative Berlin premiere is sure to provide new and entertaining ways of incorporating technology into art.

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Letzte Tage. Ein Vorabend. First conceived for the historical Austro-Hungarian Parliament of Vienna, the project aims to link past and present: music composed by Jewish persecuted musicians is performed and terrible texts are read one hundred years after WWI began.

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Berlin Circle Charles Mee's play The Berlin Circle stretches from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the custody battle over infant Karl Marx Honecker. As part of ETB's "25 Jahre Mauerfall", the performance offers the audience site-specific experiences of Mee's text.

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175 Monate Kunst, Mensch und Technik: 15th Birthday Paragon of traditional and contemporary theater and dance performances – Post Theater turns 15 with the premiere of two shows: The four of the Gas Station at Radialsystem V and Jobs im Himmel (Jobs in Heaven) at Theaterdiscounter.

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At home you’re a tourist Seventeen urban tours presented by 27 artists from 12 countries: the B_Tour Festival, or International Festival of Guided Tours, rethinks Berlin through a series of hybrid artistic experiences all over the city from Aug 8-10.

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