Theatre en Iomauna Media GmbH Tue, 26 Aug 2014 14:00:00 GMT Berlin Circle Charles Mee's play The Berlin Circle stretches from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the custody battle over infant Karl Marx Honecker. As part of ETB's "25 Jahre Mauerfall", the performance offers the audience site-specific experiences of Mee's text.

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175 Monate Kunst, Mensch und Technik: 15th Birthday Paragon of traditional and contemporary theater and dance performances – Post Theater turns 15 with the premiere of two shows: The four of the Gas Station at Radialsystem V and Jobs im Himmel (Jobs in Heaven) at Theaterdiscounter.

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At home you’re a tourist Seventeen urban tours presented by 27 artists from 12 countries: the B_Tour Festival, or International Festival of Guided Tours, rethinks Berlin through a series of hybrid artistic experiences all over the city from Aug 8-10.

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Berlin Lacht! 7th International Festival of Street Theatre The international street theatre festival Berlin Lacht! returns for the 7th year on Jul 24-Aug 10. Alexanderplatz will set the scene for everything from postmodern clown theatre and fire-breathers to acrobatics and interactive games - for free!

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Manifesting Borges Orbis Tertius, an experimental theatre piece by Matteo Marziano Graziano, went up at Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg in early July, with participation, puzzles and surrealism to boot.

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The Play About The Baby A provocative two act play depicting the lives of two young lovers lost in sex and infatuation. When introduced to an older couple, their baby is stolen and subsequently their lives become a psychological nightmare. Contains live nudity.

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Meeting the Odyssey As a response to the
 economic crisis, artists from 12 different
 countries decided to 
explore the non-
economical narratives 
that make us Europeans. Now in Berlin to present Polish non-verbal puppet theatre and a special one-hour show.

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Fortuna Calling In a show inspired by their latest road trip, four musicians recall what their 'no credit card, busking only'-rule brought about through crazy anecdotes, unexpected encounters and adventurous songs. The show is in easily understandable German.

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Syncrisis Six collages combined with audio plays depict three diverse historical accounts of Neukölln residents, from persecuted 18th century Bohemian protestants to Communist students tackling Nazi oppression.

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THÆTA The topics of ego and subconscious dream states are explored through expressive dance, techno and an interactive high definition a/v display that depicts the birth of a mysterious night creature... obviously.

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Machine destroyers behind bars INTERVIEW. It's not exactly "Orange Is the New Black", but there's drama in Berlin's prisons too. The inmates of JVA Tegel, under the guidance of Peter Atanassow, are staging their own production of "Die Maschinenstürmer" starting June 18.

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Supermänner Kreuzberg's space for post-migrant theatre poses a question to you: what is the Turkish man? Beyond the stereotypes, the answers are (un)surprisingly diverse. With English subtitles.

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Kongo Müller The Berlin premiere of Theater Rampe's innovative new piece, following a 1960s German mercenary in sub-Saharan Africa, the work touches on themes of neo-colonialism and exoticism but becomes more a meditation on dark heart of the German spirit.

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She She Pop – Rite of Spring Taking Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring as a framework, She She Pop performers invite their mothers on stage for a stirring dance. Performers on stage and mothers on screen deal with the question of sacrifice. English surtitles, June 11-12.

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20 dancers for the XX Century As part of the Foreign Affairs festival renowned choreographer Boris Charmatz presents a three-hour path through the history of dance that recalls acclaimed or forgotten solo performances from Meyerhold’s biomechanics to contemporary dance.

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Variété Ridiculous Challenging negative attitudes toward sex workers, Variété Ridiculous brings a comical show featuring a curated collection of performers, many of whom are also sex workers.

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Festivaali: The Finns Are Strange to Us! “Finland is Cool!” states the Frankfurt Book Fair starting next October. As an appetiser, Theaterdiscounter brings to Berlin selected Finnish performers. All in English!

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Expat Expo and Expat Market Expat Expo performance week will no doubt be dripping with English-speaking talent. Expect writers, comedians, musicians, performance artists and more gather to present a marketplace featuring goods and services.

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Woyzeck III The Mirko Borscht Ensemble present their freeform adaptation of Georg Büchner's unfinished masterpiece, telling the story of a wigmaker driven by jealousy to murder, the work plays on themes of the struggle between love and hate, life and death.

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Theatertreffen finale: Three questions In the wake of the Theatertreffen, stage editor Nathalie Frank was left with plenty of questions about the state of German theatre today. Here are three.

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