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Built in 1898 and designed by architect Heino Schmieden, Beelitz was Kaiser Wilhelm II’s response to skyrocketing tuberculosis rates. Now it lays plagued by its haunted past. more


What we owe to Berlin’s Trümmerfrauen is easily forgotten, yet we stride through it everyday. In the aftermath of the WWII, they took on the gruelling task of clearing the debris that once choked the city. more

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From Bronze Age man to John and Yoko, the bed has claimed a singular place in the popular imagination. Maybe we aren't talking enough about bed? more


While many Berliners look forward to Christmas – the Glühwein glugging, family gathering and present swapping – some don’t. For the men at the Charlottenburg detention center, it is the worst time of the year. more


The incredible true story of a man’s gradual realisation he was the product of a Nazi breeding scheme, the godson of Himmler and the bastard child of a war criminal. more

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