In the German papers this week: Vexing and perplexing news stories from Berlin and beyond... Read more

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And you have spoken! Berlin's new slogan, according to us, is... Read more


You read correctly. "365/24" is Berlin's new official advertising slogan. And in English, no less. Does this represent you? What do you think it should be? Tell us in the comment section and win a one-year subscription to Exberliner! Read more

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A poor, bursting infrastructure, no sign of completion of the international airport, the termination of DB night trains – despite it all, the tourists keep flocking to our city. Berlin's love/hate relationship with Touris is symptomatic, says Gris. Read more

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OUT NOW! Berlin's most industrious documentarian Nana A.T. Rebhan wades into the tourism debate with WELCOME GOODBYE. Read more


Seymour Gris wants all the Essex girls to head on down to the Fox and Magpie. Why? Since Gris has already ruined business for them anyways, according to its management, why not? Read more

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For all its much-vaunted grime, Berlin has its share of over-exposed, over-sanitised, and yes, overpriced tourist attractions. But scratch the surface, and you’ll be surprised what you can see on the cheap. Read more

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Dive into Berlin’s history under the guidance of real pros. On staycation this summer, EXBERLINER scoped out Berlin’s most original tours and gave them a whirl to see what they’re worth. Read more

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