In the German papers this week: Vexing and perplexing news stories from Berlin and beyond... more

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Ruth Schwiening was one of the many Jewish children who were lucky enough to be sent to the UK in the months leading up to World War II. And she has the Kindertransport to thank for that. more

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Have you ever had something that you were completely obsessed with? We met with three "trainspotters", who tell their story's about their love for trains. more

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Flying everywhere can be nice and cheap, but traveling by trains are far more safe for the environment. Are low-price flights worth putting the environment in danger? more

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It was the David to Deutsche Bahn’s Goliath: a vintage train that could get you from Berlin to Stuttgart for €22 with free wi-fi and organic food. But it went bankrupt in less than half a year. Now, Locomore has been resurrected. Here's the story. more


BVG employee “Michael P.” challenges the transport company’s shiny-happy image with the day-to-day reality of his job. more

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It’s the most-watched show about trains in the world, with over a million Germans tuning in 12 times a week. And even two years after the retirement of its cult presenter Hagen von Ortloff, Eisenbahn-Romantik has continued right on track. more

Interviews & Portraits

In Berlin, surveillance in public transport might not rival the ubiquitous CCTV in cities like With more cameras on the U-Bahn, an increased police presence and a new facial recognition pilot, we’re being watched now more than ever before. more


Gruff and even corrupt and violent... Right here at the heart of “ordentlich” Germany, plainclothes ticket inspectors enforce law and order with mobbish zeal on public transportation. Who are these people, and how do they get away with it? more


Is the BVG the new Tinder? With the help of "Meine Augenblicke", you just might be able to reach out to that sexy stranger you locked eyes with on the U-Bahn yesterday. more


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