INTERVIEW! Vicky Truong set up We Are Not Same Same, happening November 17 and 18 at Neukölln's Studio Chérie, to address the fact that Asians are not all "same same". People of Asian descent, friends and allies are invited to discuss diversity. Read more


INTERVIEW! How can we save Berlin from greedy private investors and avoid speculation on the housing market? We spoke to the man behind Experimentdays (Nov 8-11) who's been observing the Berlin housing market as an urban activist for 20 years. Read more


Need a little magic in your life or just a new conversation starter up your sleeve? Consider learning the art of wizardry at Fabian Weiss’ newly opened WunderAkademie – he promises you won’t even need sleeves to make those coins disappear. Read more

Insider Tips

Back to school! Here's our 13-page special on learning in Berlin with a guide to bilingual education, Germany's failing integration concept and coming out as trans in school. Also: prepping for the end, writing workshops, Chilly Gonzales and more... Read more

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