OUT NOW! In "Their Finest", Gemma Arterton's Catrin Coles proves to be the true heroine in a summer filled with girl-power cinema. more


In a shudderingly explicit new exhibition, Berlin hosts 100 works created in the ghettos and camps of WWII Europe. It's art that survived the Holocaust – even if the artists didn't. Discover the beauty formed in an era of darkness, through Apr 3. more

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Hanukkah started yesterday, and we've got a series of Jewish-themed articles to mark the occasion! To begin, Berlin historian Herrmann Simon taped his mother's incredible true story of survival in WWII, now out in English as Underground in Berlin. more


Tomorrow, Jan 27 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Eva Kor, a victim of Josef Mengele's horrific experiments on children, will be there. Her life journey has led her to something unexpected: forgiveness. more

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In case you missed it! From hefty stories about the NSA, Nazis and religious radicals to hot topics like GEMA, sexism in the tech industry and animal love to killer profiles of fascinating personalities, last year had no shortage of scoops. more


Rainer Höß is the grandson of Auschwitz top executioner Rudolf Höß. His quest for truth broke four generations of silence, and turned him into a pariah in a family still infected by the virus of Holocaust denial. more

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OUT NOW! ALOIS NEBEL is haunted by memories of WWII in this graphic novel impressively come to life. more


Ever wonder what life was like for Berlin kids in WWII? Author Regina Schwenke experienced it firsthand as a five-year-old and recalls nights in an overpacked air raid shelter. On Sep 21, Schwenke guides a special tour of Fichtebunker. more

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Justin Bieber is just a kid. And who knows? Maybe Anne Frank would've been a fan, if he'd been around back then. more

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Picked up our Apocalypse issue yet? There's plenty of doom packed in it, but back in 2004, we spoke with author Jörg Friedrichs about another Berlin Armageddon. more

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Jacinta Nandi's son can use adverbs now and everything! more


Jacinta spent the weekend in Sachsen-Anhalt and she would've had the time of her life if it hadn't been for this one Holocaust faux pas she made. more

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