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Photo by Christian Ganzer (Wikimedia Commons)

Summer's come and gone, but things are just starting to heat up. Walter Crasshole takes you down festival lane, gives you flick tips from your favorite press-baiting director and keeps it classy with classy classical music. Read more



May Day 2010 photo by Dominic Burr

Forget about catching up on your reading. What seems like a mini-weekend compared to last is jam-packed with twice as much revelry, minus the Christ. Read more


Record stores deal in two things. Attitude and records. And the world needs both, so make sure you go out on Record Store Day and support! Plus more stuff to do! Read more

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High concept parties, wonderful freaks, a dash of the occult and a return to the vault: this weekend's a mixed bag of the weird and wonderful. Read more


There's a lot of EXBERLINER coming your way next week, so why not blitz through the weekend like a trashy Berliner should? Here's some stuff to do. Read more



Photo by José Maria Silveira Neto (Silveira Neto; Flickr CC)

After the psychotic mess of last weekend, this one is all about the end of things and keeping it quiet. Exhibitions leave us for who-knows-what and there are plenty of film retros to attend in the meantime. Read more


by Freddy Hagen.jpg

Photo by Freddy Hagen

Think of Berlin as a cardiograph. The peaks mean we're living it, baby. But try not to think of all that. Just get out there. Read more



Photo by Dana Robinson (skampy; Flickr CC)

Walter Crasshole thinks you should choke on his weekend advice. In the best possible way. It can be fun! Have another hot dog and get to your party plans! Read more


Screw Halloween costumes, Walter Crasshole wants to strip it all off! Or at least watch lots of other people do so – there's a porn festival in town! And stuff for you non-pervs, too. Read more


The weird Berlin of old is all over this weekend's activities as the city takes many a look at things from its past. Walter Crasshole dispenses a few tips and salutes you all for the massive energy put in by all sides of the nightlife scene. Read more


It's time to get back into the long unsleep, no matter what your circumstances. Breathing Berlin air can be deadly if you're not diluting it with a good mix of alcohol, music, nicotine and scandalous conversation. Read more


As October hits, we’re revving into high nightlife-mode and trying to find an excuse to say we live in this city. Mostly, with art fair week coming up (six fairs in six days: Oct 5-10), there are a lot of vernissages mixed in with the standard fare... Read more

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In Berlin, "Music Week" almost seems more like a redundant phrase than anything super out of the ordinary: yet another excuse to push our shiny status as an “artists’ hub” on the outside world. But, what the hell, most of us are here for music anyway, so why not indulge in a bit of prefab celebration? Read more


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