Whether it's dressed up like a football or covered in love messages, there's something singularly fascinating about Berlin's most recognisable building. The Fernsehturm's 1970s-Sputnik splendour marks it out from the world's other great towers. more

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Germany's oldest zoo still boasts the most diverse range of animal species in the world. The undisputed star of this show was Knut, undoubtedly the most famous polar bear. Sadly, he passed in 2011, leaving a hole in the zoo that has yet to be filled. more

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The security at Germany's parliament building is (understandably) daunting - but admission is free and, if you're willing to brave the scanners and the hour-long queue, then the view from the new glass dome is stunning. more

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The Pergamon Museum houses reconstructed antique monuments such as the Pergamon Altar, the Market Gate of Miletus and the Ishtar Gate - all transported from the original excavation sites sometime in Europe's imperial history. more

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The Neue Nationalgalerie - with its famous Mies van der Rohe building - is Berlin's pre-eminent showcase for modern art. Its collection focuses on the early 20th century, particularly Cubism, Expressionism, Bauhaus and Surrealism. (Currently closed.) more

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Like a cross between skiing and riding a horse, the Segway is by far the best way to release your inner child on a visit to Berlin. Travelling at up to 20km/h, these strange, vacuum cleaner look-alikes are ideal for tours. more

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Berlin's BVG connects the city by bus, tram, an underground (the U-Bahn), city trains (the S-Bahn), intercity trains - even by ferry. And it runs on time!

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