November 18, 2011

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November 18, 2011

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New labyrinth

Does anyone know when and where the new labyrinth will be located? I know some where in Neunkölln..


Mc Lewis 122 days ago

Where is the new labyrinth?

I know they close a few weeks ago. someone told me that they will opened again some where in Neunköln. Does anyone know if its already open and where exctly?


Lluis 122 days ago

how to treat the labyrinth

The labyrinth is art and made to get explored by everyone himself. Regrettably some idiots are running around inside, shouting, destroying things, disturbing other people experiencing this place. If you go there, please do not talk (advise from the artist), don’t behave like a dumb jerk, don’t destroy anything! If you want to have a supi dupi hip party, there are enough other places in Berlin for you to visit.
Don’t get me wrong! Go there, enjoy it but treat it with respect!

And don’t go with your camera or mobilephone or anything else which could give you light. The experience is much better and way more exciting if you have to rely on your natural senses. Otherwise it’s like watching a movie with a friend who always tells you what happens in the next scene.

Peter Enis more than 1 year ago

Club hours

What are the hours?

Liz more than 1 year ago


it is still open

me more than 1 year ago

still open - been there today

September 27, 2013

yes! 353 days ago


as far as I know it still is - I went to one very much like it in the same space in Dec 2011.

S more than 2 years ago

Still open

Hey is this still open?
I've looked on the website and it's not clear if it's still running?

T more than 2 years ago


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