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  • IB_2018_0105_Ellen_Cantor_©T_Bruns__MEDIUM copy.jpg

    Rating: 4 of 5

    Ellen Cantor: My Perversion is the Belief in True Love

    Labelled a feminist artist at a time when “feminism” was still a dirty word, Ellen Cantor is known for autobiographical narratives expressed through fictional female protagonists. Catch her exhibition through Mar 24. more

    Mar 7, 2018

  • 01_NM_RiminiProtokoll_KevinFuchs.jpg

    Making museums cool

    This month sees an infusion of fresh blood into Berlin’s dusty old institutions, starting with Rimini Protokoll’s Top Secret International (Staat 1) on Mar 1. more

    Feb 27, 2018

  • BONVICINI@KarolinaSpolniewski-exb_4.jpg

    It's not a whip: Monica Bonvicini

    INTERVIEW! Right after the final swing of her mechanised flogger at the Berlinische Galerie, Monica Bonvicini’s provocative work comes to König Galerie’s chapel starting Mar 3. more

    Feb 27, 2018

  • csm_Bharti_Kher_Dark_Matter_a61d6dcfc7.jpg

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    Bharti Kher: Dark Matter

    This month, curator Patricia Kamp presents Indian artist Bharti Kher’s first solo exhibition in Germany at Museum Frieder Burda, on through Feb 17. more

    Feb 5, 2018

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