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  • 1. Liebermann, Blumenterrasse nach Nordwesten 1926.jpg

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    Max Liebermann and Paul Klee: Garden Pictures

    Built in 1909, German impressionist Liebermann’s villa on Wannsee is where he spent his summers. Opened as a private museum, currently on show are oils and pastels by Liebermann of his garden at Wannsee presented alongside Paul Klee’s. more

    Aug 24, 2018

  • BG_Nemes_beyond_Fatih_Kreuzberg_2009 med_PR.jpg

    Killing the Fear: Loredana Nemes

    Romanian-born Loredana Nemes gets solo retrospective treatment at the Berlinische Galerie. It's on through Oct 15. more

    Aug 10, 2018

  • Liz Johnson Artur

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    Berlin Biennale's secret theme

    The works to look out for this year masterfully tackle today's postcolonial legacies. Catch it before it's over Sep 9. more

    Aug 6, 2018

  • Pneuma-tac 1

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    The lesbian longview

    Berlin’s one and only gay museum pays a small but serious tribute to a century of female queer art. We check out the exhibition to see what sets “lesbian visions” apart from the dominant male artistic gaze. On through Aug 20. more

    Jul 24, 2018