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Chez Ojan

Gabriel-Max-Straße 10, 10245 Berlin View Map

+49 (176) 22924472

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Mon-Sun 10:30-22:00



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The owner of this place is a complete nut job who threatens to sue people out of the blue. Happy to see it closed down. Poutine is available elsewhere in Berlin. People should bring their money elsewhere. Posting anonymously out of fear that she will unleash completely insane wrath on me again, which was entertaining at first, but quite sad and irritating after weeks of threats and abuse. Good riddance.

Anon 289 days ago


I looked for them online and they said they're closed no longer in business.... very strange....

adam 320 days ago

yummy yummy yummy

There's no place like home!

Michael 322 days ago

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