Insider Tips

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    A hot Havel ride

    Ever seen those little huts on rafts cruising around the Berlin waters? Two of them are actually floating saunas. One is on the Spree, but more recently, you can sweat it out on the Havel as well. Saunafloss was launched in September. Read more

    May 17, 2019

  • Hohen Neuendorf 1a.jpg

    Temple of kitsch

    Need a break from Berlin? You don't need to go far for a small escape. Case in point: just at the end of the S1 and 8 lines, in Hohen Neuendorf, is Himmelspagode – a Chinese pagoda out in Brandenburg. Grab our May issue for more. Read more

    May 9, 2019

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    A long-lasting lather

    Fancy all-purpose soap bars that will improve your skin, hair and even smell without harming you or planet earth? Sauberkunst is the Berlin indie equivalent of Lush – packaging-free, handmade, fair-trade, vegan... Read more

    Apr 26, 2019