Insider Tips

  • Kaffeeform_Lifestyle_38.jpg

    Repurposed coffee dregs

    Along with our environmental consciousness, the selection of reusable to-go cups on the market has grown over the past couple of years: Last spring, Berlin-based cup-makers Kaffeeform launched the “Weducer”, made from used coffee grounds. Read more

    Feb 1, 2019

  • Bestof-Obdachlosenhilfe@AraíMoleri-6.jpg

    A sustainable high for the New Year

    What could possibly be the next best energy drink after third-wave coffee, matcha brews and grass or ginger shots? Pure melted cacao of course! One spot in Prenzlauer Berg is leading the way: Moruga Cacao Café. Read more

    Jan 21, 2019

  • ice_dippers@schmidtjana_16.jpg

    Heart-warming ice baths

    What if we told you that you could combine two in one! A swim in an ice-cold lake will not only contribute to your overall fitness and strengthen your immune system, but will also, as organised by Icedippers Berlin, help the city’s homeless. Read more

    Jan 18, 2019