Spiritual boozing



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Just Dew It !

Finally, a good reason to consider a yoga pose and incentive to pause and relax and stretch.

chcuk more than 1 year ago


Yeah… Radlers are not shandys. Key word… research

me more than 1 year ago

don't be upset

in the context of a beer being mixed with the popular soft drink we call lemonade, I'm sure this is fine. In fact, 99% would clock that reference.

you more than 1 year ago

Bad bad bad

Yoga should not be performed if you have consumed alcohol within the last 12 hours. Combining the two is probably the worst idea.

Niki more than 1 year ago

Worse than driving?

The worst idea? I can think of a lot worse. Surgery, for instance.

TG 69 days ago

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