Wednesday 27, September

“Stop Project Graefekiez”: Pro-car graffiti in Kreuzberg

Angry graffiti in Graefekiez seemed to protest the Kreuzberg neighbourhood car reduction project.


Giving Back: SNIPES opens community space in Neukölln

In a first for Germany, streetwear retailer SNIPES opens a free-to-use dance and recording studio alongside their […]

Free entry

Where to go this Museum Sunday

On the first Sunday of every month, Berlin's museums open their doors for free. But not every […]

Tuesday 26, September

Temporarily fenced off and closed at night: Central Park to be a model for Görli

According to plans laid out by mayor Kai Wegner, Kreuzberg's Görlitzer Park will be faced with high […]


Rolling back on cycling infrastructure: Berlin’s war on bikes begins

Motorists are steering politics in Berlin. Cyclists fear they’ll be driven off the roads. Is the new […]


Drawn together: Highlights of the Berlin Animation Festival from founder Pia Djukic

We sat down with founder of the Berlin Animation Festival, Pia Djukic, to talk curiosity, transformation and […]

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