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Berlin art: What exhibitions are on now?

What's going on in the art world and which Berlin exhibitions should you check out this week?

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Penned it like Beckham: Berlin’s new wave of football literature

Berlin isn’t only flying high in the Bundesliga – its football literature, too, is becoming top rate, […]


Lucia Moholy – The Image of Modernity

Lucia Moholy's photographs represent some of the most iconic Bauhaus images - now she is the subject […]


Potsdam – A journey through Europe

Potsdam´s charming architecture is full of European influences, from Russian fairytale homes to English stately mansions.


What’s going on this weekend in Berlin?

You're in Berlin, yet you don't know what to do? Don't worry. We've asked around and here […]


The CDU and the Greens: Germany’s romcom future?

Konrad Werner on the current plot unfolding on the government stage. Could the best way to understand […]

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