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Beyond Caring: Voyeuristic pleasures at Schaubühne

★ ★ ★ ★ A microscopic snapshot into hopelessness, with plenty of detail.

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Berlin art: What exhibitions are on now?

What's going on in the art world and which Berlin exhibitions should you check out this week?


Amok Mama: How I became a GDR granny

Jacinta Nandi misses the good old days when things were cheap and grannies shouted more.


Rave the Planet 2022: All you need to know about the Love Parade successor

Techno parade 'Rave The Planet' will take place in Berlin on July 9.


The Shape of Freedom: Post-war abstraction at Museum Barberini

A new exhibition in Potsdam presents 20th-century abstraction from both sides of the Atlantic.


Pure&Crafted Festival with Pixies, Nothing But Thieves & Altin Gün

On July 1, Pure&Crafted Festival celebrates custom motorbikes and alternative music at Messe Berlin.

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