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Berghain can affect your sexuality? You don’t say…

What's this? A night out in Berghain makes people more open to sexual experiences? Drugs, other scantily […]


The Mirror ★★★★★

Intimate and hilarious, this performance from contemporary circus company Gravity and Other Myths is one of a […]


Traumnovelle (Dream Novel) ★★★

This adaptation of the Arthur Schnitzler novella is written and directed by Boris von Poser. The same […]


Potsdam – A journey through Europe

Potsdam´s charming architecture is full of European influences, from Russian fairytale homes to English stately mansions.

Clubs this weekend

Berlin clubs: What’s on this weekend?

Berlin's clubs are the stuff of legend, so which nights should you check out this weekend?


Stefania Maurizi: “There has been a propaganda war against WikiLeaks”

On Saturday October 8, Stefania Maurizi will appear at NoisyLeaks in Berlin. We revisit our interview from […]

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