A goodbye to remember


Stadion An Der Alten Försterei

An Der Wuhlheide 263, 12555 Berlin

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for yer comments. @Calle, amended mate.... thanks. @Woody, 'fraid not. King Kev was raised by wolves, the rumour is his father was a Nordic God. @Sträßers jockstrap, Yep, woof.

Sweetman more than 10 years ago


Like your blog - but please: change the link to our Stadion An der Alten Försterei! Your linked Website above is everything, but not our Hexenkessel!

Calle more than 10 years ago

Inappropriate metaphors

Are you angling for a place on The Guardian's Football Weekly podcast with your risqué metaphors? Even James Richardson would have shyed away from *that* particular one...

Ralf Sträßer's sweaty jockstrap more than 10 years ago

Uwe Neuhaus

any relation?

Woody more than 10 years ago

Thank you

Karim Benyamina. A legend. I hope noone ever wheres his shirt number 22 again! And thank you too mr sweetman, another excellent piece, and exactly true

Gerd more than 10 years ago

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