A victory with more R's than fireworks night



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"occasionally travel to support the other’s team against mutual enemies"

Hertha and KSC ultras travel to almost every one of each other's games regardless of the opposition (unless they play on the same day). Strasbourg ultras are also present at many Hertha and KSC games every season - three way friendship, die blaue-weisse Achse!

Great blog!

UB90 more than 10 years ago


It isn't churlish to pick out negatives, so the completely first half was as Hertha was in last fall, where they lost a fes games. It's nice to see 6 goals in one half, but this is the dangerous thing to think everything is fine - it isn't! Wich such a quality Hertha should be better. It's not enough to show it only now and then. And it's not enough to take part in a game only one half.
Obviously it's enough for the second division, but when they'll not change their character, (and of course the keeper too) then they'll will be back in the second division after only one year first division.

And for the friendship between Hertha and KSC, it's strange to see it, Me who came in touch with Hertha in the nineties can tell there aren't any feelings in this direction, It wasn't my time when it came up and the KSC isn't my team, so what? For me it's a bit hypocritical. And the other way round the same: the great rivalry to Schalke isn't my business as well.

H. more than 10 years ago

it's a strange old game, isn't it?

Good point about "friendship"....not a concept the British do terribly well (in most fields). Over the moon about the "game of two halves" reference.....

la pasionaria more than 10 years ago

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