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A place for artists

Berlin's very own English-language, art-centric social network is set to launch in the middle of next month. Has the time of stumbling the dark internet alleyways between Craigslist and Kleinanzeigen finally come to an end?

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Berlin has long been a destination for artists of all stripes. Painters, actors, DJs and fashion designers have trekked here from all corners of the globe. Evidence of this trend can be seen everywhere, from the multiple art openings every day to the street art decorating every corner (to the unemployed baristas loitering on those same corners).

Those idle espresso-pullers are precisely the reason that Júlia Mari Bernaus and her three business partners (another Catalonian and two Scots) have developed Berlin’s very own, English-language social network for artists. Superficially it functions a little bit like Facebook – artists add each other as friends, make events, post pictures and videos and send messages. But on ArtConnect Berlin, your friends are collaborators, and your profile doubles as a live, constantly up-to-date CV of all your work, experience, and collaborations. Those interested can turn to www.artconnectberlin.com to make a profile once the site formally launches in a few weeks.

ArtConnect is having a launch party on July 15 at LEAP with a panel discussion, videos and DJ sets by Bokonon, Slk n’ Thr, Martin Backes, Mine&Hers and VJ Cylixe (Peaches will make a special televised appearance). More information at their website.