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Argentina’s history in art

Akademie der Künste's South American excursion feels like idealized commercialism, but the works are beautiful.

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Two-hundred years of independence, 200 years of art. The second South American art exhibition hosted by the AdK this fall, Realidad y Utopía is a journey through time plotted by the works of 70 Argentinean artists. The show is organized chronologically between three rooms, and between ‘reality’ – video projections of melting glaciers, 19th century landscapes and photoscapes of mid-20th century Buenos Aires, and ‘utopias’ – human rights as a square-meter space floating in a metal cage, with light and sand provided by native author, Jorge Luis Borges. Reality? Utopia? Or just the notes scrawled in the margins of Argentina’s vast landscapes by colonialism, dictatorship and inflation?

AKADEMIE DER KÜNSTE | Tue-Sun 11-20. Through November 14.