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Canary Islands fly north for the winter

Masks, strange noises, dancers and crazed interior designers. An eclectic clique collaborate for Neurospasta, Dis-play's showcase of digital artists from the Canary Islands.

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Quick quiz: how many canaries live in the Canary islands? Answers on a postcard please. The folk at Dis-play were so keen to explore this and other big ideas that they set up a showcase of artists from the Canary Islands. Not content with enjoying their 2,805 hours of sunshine per year (Berlin clocks in at 1,625), they’re coming here to riff on our pain.

At the opening concert of Neurospasta, Dis-play’s exhibition-cum-album-cum-live-performance, a mask is placed over your eyes and everything goes dark. Sounds start emanating from all around you, not static but actually moving through the space. You’re in the middle (literally) of a multi-channel live performance by LOD and Carmelo Fernández.

This collaboration between Dis-play and Berlin’s transmediale.11 festival brings together an eclectic clique, from choreographers and musicians to interior designers and video artists. Juan Matos Capote will be circuit-bending on the same night (is that related to wobble-boarding?), as well as two other audio-visual concerts.  For more information check the website – or maybe they have a Twitter feed…