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Lucia Moholy – The Image of Modernity

Lucia Moholy's photographs represent some of the most iconic Bauhaus images - now she is the subject of a new show at Bröhan Museum

Lucia Moholy, Bauhaus-Gebäude Dessau (1925–1926), Ansicht von Nordosten, Postkarte, Sammlung K, courtesy Galerie Derda Berlin © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Lucia Moholy’s images are seen all around the world to this day – with her photographs of Bauhaus buildings, the photographer and journalist Lucia Moholy (1894–1989) left a lasting mark on the image of the art school. As the wife of László Moholy-Nagy, she lived with him at the Bauhaus and carried out important work for numerous Bauhaus artists as well as for the institution itself. She played a crucial role in bringing the school’s artistic ideas and substance to the public.

© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

The exhibition is devoted to the entire oeuvre of the artist: beside documentary photographs of workshop work and portrait series of Bauhaus teachers and friends, photographs of Bauhaus buildings in Dessau constitute the focal aspects of her work. Revolutionary in her approach, Lucia Moholy considered photography and painting to be of equal value; her architectural photographs emerge as constructivist images. Although Lucia Moholy was not employed at the Bauhaus, through her photographs she has contributed significantly to establishing the fame and reputation of the art school. It is the high quality of her photographs, owing much to Moholy’s adept handling of the technical aspects of photography, that enabled a hitherto unprecedented marketing of the Bauhaus idea as a social and, above all, aesthetic movement.

In the exhibition at the Bröhan Museum, which shows around 100 photographs from private and public lenders as well as selected objects from the Bauhaus period, Lucia Moholy emerges as an artist in her own right. Particular attention is paid to Lucia Moholy’s time in Berlin.

Tuesday to Sunday 10-18 Uhr and on public holidays (closed 24 + 31 December)

Admission: €8 /reduced 5 €