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From typewriters to Twitter: Archiving the history and future of AIDS

A new exhibition at Schwules Museum looks at how politicians, the healthcare system and wider society have […]


Time for an art stroll? Visit Schlossgut Schwante Sculpture Park

One couple impulse-bought a dilapidated 18th-century castle in Brandenburg and converted it into an art paradise. We get a tour.


Claudia Skoda: The rockstar of knitwear

Delve into the Berlin it-girl’s underground world of fashion, friendship and photography at this multimedia retrospective at […]


Celebrating clay at Wehrmühle Biesenthal

As this year's ceramics-only exhibition draws to a close at the old mill in Brandenburg, we caught […]


Laura Poitras and the art of whistleblowing

The investigative filmmaker approached by Edward Snowden to leak the NSA files returns to Berlin with an […]


Colonialism, genocide and resistance: My visit to Humboldt Forum

Our writer visited Berlin’s most controversial new building and expected to be both bored and enraged. Here’s […]


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