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Frédéric Brenner on Zerheilt, good fortune and polyphonic Jewishness

For renowned photographer Frédéric Brenner, Berlin was meant to be just one stop on his journey

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HR Giger and Hans Bellmer: From dark psychedelia to male deviance

HR Giger was heavily influenced by the work of Hans Bellmer - a new exhibition puts them […]


Hannah Höch: Danger, Dada and diaries

Curator Ellen Maurer Zilioli on the Hannah Höch exhibition at the Bröhan Museum

Neue Nationalgalerie

The uncertainty and illusion of Gerhard Richter Artist’s Books

Gerhard Richter Artist's Books is the first major retrospective of Gerhard Richter’s monographs

Artists of the Year

Taipei calling: The fairy-tale landscapes of Zhang Xu Zhan

One of the Deutsche Bank’s Artists of the Year, Zhang Xu Zhan's delicate papier-mâché creations can be […]


Kenny Schachter: “The art world is a fucked-up place”

An early exponent of NFTs, outspoken multi-talent Kenny Schachter discusses his new exhibition and art world arrogance.


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