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  • Elegant and intriguing: Soy Capitán’s Rochade exhibition


Elegant and intriguing: Soy Capitán’s Rochade exhibition

REVIEW! It's your last chance to see the brilliant "Rochade" at Kreuzberg's Soy Capitán through Dec 21. Kristin Loschert and Lisa Herfeldt's show combines sculpture and photography to present intriguing independent dialogues. A must-see!

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Photo by Nick Ash. Rochade by Lisa Herfeldt and Kristin Loschert at Soy Capitan in Kreuzberg is a must-see. Catch it through Dec 21.

In this two-person show, sculpture and photography are brought to­gether under the title of Rochade: German for castling, the only play in chess where two pieces are moved at once, the king and rook. Kristin Loschert’s photos of anonymous young men lie stacked on top of one another, encased in glass tabletops. Only the uppermost image is entirely visible, with glimpses of others below, engendering a romantic air of mystery as to the encounter between artist and subject. Lisa Herfeldt’s wall-based sculptures of wood and rattan are abstracted elements taken from a peacock chair. The cultural significance of the throne-like chair is revealed by an accompanying limited-edition book filled with photographs of everyone from silent movie stars, Joseph Beuys and The Adams Family to Black Panthers founder Huey Newton, Dolly Parton and Michelle Obama at her prom seated in it. It’s impossible to say who takes the crown here as the two bodies of work elegantly move in Rochade together, but still present such intriguing independent dialogues.

Rochade | Soy Capitán, Kreuzberg. Through Dec 21.