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Temporary culture factory

In the beginning of May, Christophe Knoch started the Mica Moca Project Berlin, an experimental, multi-platform cultural programme in the kind of ramschackle digs that Berliners love so much, in an old safe factory.

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Photo by Karen Sofie Egebo

If you go down behind the elevated Wedding S-Bahn station, you’ll find yourself in the courtyard of an old safe factory. Today you’re more likely to hear the clangourous tones of a guitar, howls and shouts from a theatre ensemble or the gentle purring of a coffee machine.

In the beginning of May, Christophe Knoch, who previously worked with Christoph Schlingensief on his Burkina Faso Opera Village, came across the space and immediately fell for it. He hunted down the owner and convinced him to rent out the building. Soon after, Knoch moved in and started the Mica Moca Project Berlin, an experimental multi-platform cultural programme that includes everything from film and fashion to gastronomy and gardening.

The project will only be around until late September, when the architect renting the buildings to Knoch will start tearing them down to create his own ‘cultural Zentrum’ project.

But until then, Knoch is determined to maximise the opportunities offered by the amazing space. Which is why you may come across a ballerina wriggling her way through a cavernous hall or an improvised theatre troupe performing for one night only.

And even if you’re not interested in the many different art forms explored under the old roof, the building itself is worth a visit. Tall factory windows, big rusted iron doors and old hooks under massive, vaulted ceilings: what’s not to love?

Mica Moca Project Berlin | Lindower Str. 22, Wedding, S+U-Bhf Wedding; Evening events Fri-Sun, €5-10 (€1 for members); Membership €5. More info: www.micamoca.com