April takes a bow

Tired of the cutesy flowers and bright prints that dominate spring styles? So is our fashion editor. Skip the twee patterns this April and try something new.

Image for April takes a bow

Before the silliness of the summer season begins and we dress ourselves in whatever shorts and t-shirts lying on our floor have the fewest grass stains splattered across them, can we please agree to take April a little bit seriously? It is, after all, the only semblance of spring Berlin has, and so you should really give it your all.

Spring fashion in 2015 is reliably predictable and twee (I won’t bore you with the details), but I am going to eschew anything floral or printed this time around for something a bit more sophisticated. I am delighted by the return of the pussycat bow to shirts and dresses this season. It is a look that is so reassuringly feminine, but looks best when paired with a sharp, mannish blazer to balance out the yin and yang. A bulbous bow atop a white cotton shirt is just achingly chic and looks great with jeans or black trousers.

This blue dress by Edited is a perfect grown-up spring fling, and can be worn with sandals alone on warmer days or with tights and boots once the April showers kick in.