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  • Art Week Berlin: Banksy does it (or doesn’t) again


Art Week Berlin: Banksy does it (or doesn’t) again

A few Banksy(esque) pieces at Preview Berlin stir up controversy over their authenticity.

When word got out Thursday that two works from street artist Banksy were on display at Preview Berlin, it got a lot of people excited, especially considering the apparent reference to recently deceased Miami street artist, Reefa. Yesterday we posted about the works and since then allegations have surfaced that the works on display are forgeries.

Like a number of graffiti artists, Banksy’s true identity is not known and his works are often imitated. It is possible that we were fooled by the two now alleged knock-offs, entranced by the heart-warming plea from Banksy to remember his fallen comrade, who died for his craft.

Authentic or not, the works in question (which have since been removed from the exhibition space) call attention to Reefa, whose real name was Israel Hernandez, and whose death was real.