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  • Berlin news update: Friday, November 27


Berlin news update: Friday, November 27

Berlin to keep tighter Covid rules for Christmas, cultural institutions promised fresh funding, police and squatters clash on Rigaer Straße and mosque raided in Corona cash probe.

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Culture senator Klaus Lederer has promised Berlin’s cultural institutions continued emergency funding. Photo: Serghei Savchiuc / Unsplash

Berlin to keep tighter rules for Christmas, funding for cultural institutions promised 

Germany’s nationwide relaxation of the Covid-19 rules over the Christmas period will not apply in Berlin, the Senat decided yesterday. The city’s coalition has agreed that current rules limiting meetings to no more than five people from different households will continue beyond December 23, in contrast to the rest of the country. On Wednesday the federal government and the state leaders agreed on an upper limit of ten people over the Christmas period. 

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Culture Senator Klaus Lederer has promised that arts institutions and entertainment venues closed during the lockdown will continue to get emergency funding. Speaking to RBB on Friday, the Left Party politician would not say when venues would be able to reopen, but promised to make aid available for as long as the pandemic persists. The pledge came after the Berlin Senat decided on Thursday that the current Corona measures would be extended until at least December 22, including the closure of theatres, museums, concert halls and cinemas.

Clashes as police move homeless from Rigaer Straße, mosque raided in Corona aid probe

There were clashes between police and residents of a squat on Rigaer Straße on Thursday after officers attempted to move on a group of homeless people sheltering in front of a neighbouring house. Occupants of Rigaer Straße 94 mounted angry protests after the police began removing the rough sleepers from outside the house next door, leading to scuffles. According to police reports, paint buckets were thrown at officers, resulting in minor injuries. A total of 200 officers and a police helicopter were involved in the operation. 

Police raided a Neukölln mosque on Thursday morning as part of an investigation into fraudulent claims for coronavirus aid money. According to reports in the Tagesspiegel, officers entered the “Neuköllner Begegnungsstätte” – which shares its premises with the Dar-as-Salam mosque on Flughafenstraße – after a search warrant was issued by prosecutors. According to reports, the mosque is said to have applied for €14,000 euros in Corona emergency aid in March. Prosecutors are currently investigating a total of 870 cases of subsidy fraud in Berlin.

Hospital suspends admissions, shopping trolley thrown from high-rise building

The St. Marien hospital in Lankwitz has temporarily closed to new patients after a surge in Covid-19 admissions. According to reports in the Morgenpost, from Thursday midday no emergency admissions or transfers were being accepted at the clinic, with patients being redirected to other hospitals in the city.

Three pedestrians escaped serious injury on Wednesday after a shopping trolley was thrown from the 21st floor of a high-rise building. Police were called to the house on Frankfurter Allee in Lichtenberg after the trolley narrowly missed passers-by, including a two-year-old and his 33-year-old father and a 40-year-old man. An attempted manslaughter investigation has now been launched.