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Berlin’s wonder-world of deliveries!

Cold, hungover, or simply don't want to leave the house this January? We've saved you the trouble. Here's a round-up of all the shops and services that would love to turn up at your door – for a small fee, of course.

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Hibernate: just curl up in your favourite cocooning position, and let the world of deliveries come to you. Kaiser’s will cover your basic needs if you’re willing to pay the €5 delivery fee and wait a day to receive your order (Mon-Sat, kaisers.biz). If you need more than Kaiser’s 2400 online products to choose from, concierge-lieferservice-berlin.de offers over 40,000 items, from rice to cigarettes (Mon-Sat, 8-22, on the following day unless you order before 8am).

For those who prefer more natural sustenance, biologisch.de deliver Chemie-free groceries (from washing powder and cosmetics to dog food) for a €3.50 delivery fee, while maerkische-kiste.de makes weekly deliveries of organic produce from Brandenburg farms to hibernators who want to keep it local (€10-19, depending on content and size).

Emergency cravings can be satisfied pronto: just enter your zipcode at lieferando.de, pizza.de (which also offers burgers and Asian food) or lieferservice.de to enter the wonderous world of ready-to-eat fast food, from pasta to curry and sushi – delivered to your doorstep within an hour. (Buyer beware: prices can be a little inflated at pizza.de: a Thai dish from “Little Asia” in Prenzl’Berg with chicken in red curry costs €6.50 via pizza.de, but only €5.90 on lieferservice.de).

Hibernating gourmands can treat themselves to fancier fare: for a delivery fee of €5, bloomsbury.de connects you to 25 of Berlin’s quality restaurants, like trendy Japanese Kuchi, famous Turkish Hasir or Italian gourmet Moreno Carusi. When cocktail hour strikes, Bloomsbury can also be of service. For €59.90 you can throw a mojito party for 10 of your friends with the “Mojito-box,” complete with booze and utensils.

Does your aching sweet tooth need a house call? mysweetsbox.com provides retro-candy sets, like a one kilo package of DDR Zetti chocolates or a reunification box for €19. If your delivery needs veer toward the literary, Saint George’s bookshop (saintgeorgesbookshop.com) will bring you your English-language books of choice for a mere additional cost of 85 cents-€1.40, depending on weight.

If you’d rather sit back and watch a flick, lovefilm.de delivers rental DVDs by mail; choose from a selection of 40,000 films, delivered within two workdays, for a €4.99-17.99 monthly fee). And if you’d rather own outright, of course there’s always amazon.de and ebay.de. With such myriad delivery options, you’ll soon find yourself wondering this winter why anyone ever leaves the house at all.