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Best beer to get tanked: Ukrainian Tractor

Want to help out Ukraine, but don't feel like picking up an AK-47? A crafty Ukrainian brewery has found a way for you to do your part.

Not only is it for a good cause, it is also delicious. Photo: Ukranian Tractor.

Shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the videos started to appear online. Fully equipped, multi-million-euro Russian tanks being pulled across an empty field by… a tractor! That iconic image of Ukrainian resistance is celebrated on the label of Tractor – a new hoppy blonde beer made by Lviv based Pravda Beer in cooperation with a collective of well-minded Berlin filmmakers.

A brewery specialising in craft beers since 2014, Pravda in Lviv boasts a restaurant, where their very own brass band plays pop covers ranging from AC/DC to Frank Sinatra, and an online shop with an impressive range of beers and merch. Tractor is currently their only export beer and is now available online, or at selected locations across Berlin. It’s not cheap – a 330ml bottle goes for €4.50. But that’s not too bad considering €2 from every purchase goes to humanitarian aid and fuel convoys.

The first batch has nearly sold out, but they plan to sell the beer for at least the duration of the war, and even after it ends, to help with the rebuild. The taste? Exactly what you would expect of a hoppy blonde brew, with trace notes of… Putin’s tears. If that’s not your thing, kein Stress. Pravda are plotting a Pilsner and a Weißbier to appeal to the summer palette.