Guilt-free materialism

Possibly the greenest boutique in all of Mitte, The Upcycling Fashion Store is entirely made up of recycled materials, from the clothing racks to the sock dresses.

Image for Guilt-free materialism
Photo by Rasa Urnieziute

If you like the moral righteousness of wearing secondhand clothing, but you’re getting sick of wasting hours elbow-deep in Humana cast-offs, then there is a perfect solution: the Upcycling Fashion store.

At first glance it might not look any different from all the other unaffordable boutiques in Mitte. But closer inspection reveals clothing racks made from old metal pipes and old bikes transformed into lamps. All of the stock and even the equipment is made from re-used materials, staying true to the “upcycling” ethos.

From its beginnings as yet another pop-up in November 2011, the store has expanded to stock labels from across Europe and even hosts monthly networking meetings where anyone is welcome to come and talk all things upcycling. The goods range from first-hand, like old life vests made into bags (€100), to such curiosities as a dress made entirely out of (recycled!) socks (€290).

So whether you’re a freegan having leather withdrawal who doesn’t mind the amount of people who have slept uncomfortably on your plane-seat-turned-satchel, or an animal rights activist wanting to wear a silk dress for which 10,000 worms were not slaughtered, The Upcycling Fashion store has the environmentally-friendly, ethically-produced item to satisfy your materialism guilt-free. 

Originally published in Issue #117, June 2013