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  • Need a British tea fix? Head to new Broken English


Need a British tea fix? Head to new Broken English

Berliners' lifeline to British imports, Broken English, has re-opened! Now in Kreuzberg and under the ownership of a German, the delightful Olde Shoppe store is stocked for a hard Brexit with a wide selection of cherished British brands.

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Photo by Javier Salvalle. New owner Antje Blank has re-opened the 24-year-old institution in Arndtstr., Kreuzberg.

Berlin’s Anglophiles have been at a loss since cherished British import store Broken English closed its doors in June. But there’s good news. The 24-year-old institution has been saved and reopened in Kreuzberg’s Bergmannkiez – by a German, no less! Munich-born Antje Blank, whose British credentials derive from a 15-year stint in London, has been care­fully guided by the original owners, Scots-English couple Robin Campbell and Dale Carr, whom she approached after reading of their retirement. The store remains mostly dedicated to food, offering a wide selection of marmalades (including Mackays, Wilkin Sons and even the Queen’s favourite, Frank Cooper’s Oxford), marmite (500g jars!), Cadbury’s chocolate and teas of every variety, from ubiquitous Tetley staples to specialist Welsh brand Glengettie. There’s even Irish brew Bewley’s morning and afternoon versions. You’ll also find Richmond sausages (18-pack for €7.90), fresh Devon Cream Company clotted cream (170g jar for €6) and frozen Hughes scones, plain or fruited (four-pack for €3.90). It’s never too early to break out the mince pies (Co-Op, 6-pack, €4.50) either! Apart from catering to Anglo taste buds, Blank also sells stationery, soaps from brands like Yardley and The English Soap Company, as well as classic Price Kensington teapots (6-cup, €18.50). The Olde Shoppe experience is defi­nitely worth the trip, and with stockpiles of goods for months to come, the revamped Broken English is sure to survive even a hard Brexit.

Broken English | Arndtstr. 29, Kreuzberg, Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16