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Seymour Gris: Club-Molotov

Berliners' favourite stay-awake soft drink has hired lawyers to harass bloggers for showing photos of leftist "Club-Molli" posters. How stupid is that?

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These Club-Mate-style posters have been spotted around Rostock and other parts of northern Germany.

Crikey, Club-Mate, what are you thinking?

These anarcho “Club-Molli” (Molli=Molotov) posters are awesome advertising for you and should NOT be seen as a literal incitement to violence! And here’s some more free publicity for you, thank you very much. So please stop wasting lawyers’ fees on bullying little blogs around and get with the programme, guys!

You make a bloody good drink, don’t wreck your cred amongst your biggest fans – leftists, graphic designers, clubbers, Ausländer journalists and other insomniacs.