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  • Velo Classico – an eccentric bike race


Velo Classico – an eccentric bike race

Mount your metal stead and join likeminded riders for two days of bicycling festivities. From Ludwigslust through the Germany countryside, the Velo Classico Germany celebrates bicycles and the folks who ride 'em.

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Beginning at the quaint castle town of Ludwigslust (just an hour outside of Berlin) the Velo Classico Germany is a laid-back race for cycling fanatics and amateurs alike. Three courses – 150km, 90km and 50km – and a party are spread across two days and plenty of German countryside. 

But it’s not about speed. It’s about the pleasure of riding, cameraderie, good food, good drink and a joyous time in cycling style. 

Whether you own a penny farthing, a vintage road bike or a boring old city cycle is irrelevant. Dress code is equally unrestricted. Sport a Victorian gown or don an athletic unitard. Sew your own threads or shop second hand. If you’re into bikes you’re welcome.

September 19-20, all details and registation on their website.