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  • Rapper Eunique finds her voice on Bigo Live on May 29


Rapper Eunique finds her voice on Bigo Live on May 29

German rap sensation Eunique will play an exclusive online music show.

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Bigo Live, a global leader in social live streaming and entertainment, is pleased to host German rap sensation Eunique for an exclusive live music show and fan event on Saturday, May 29, from 20:00 to 21:00 (GMT+2).

Eunique rose to fame in 2015 when she uploaded a freestyle rap on YouTube, which garnered widespread success. In 2016, she was listed as one of three promising rap acts for 2017 by PULS, for good reason. A top female rapper in her own right, she has since made a name for herself with her signature style and punchlines – a breath of fresh air in a music genre popularised chiefly by men. She’s also known for standing up for her individuality and speaking out against outdated gender roles under the motto “Female Force – Strong Women”.

Eunique’s first online concert: A Bigo Live Exclusive

During her live stream, Eunique will perform her latest hit song, ‘Bobby’, exclusively on the Bigo Live. There will also be a 20 minutes virtual Q&A session where fans and viewers can post questions on the Bigo Bar or tune into the live show to get a chance to interact with the rapper in real-time. As part of the live stream, she will also share her views on feminism and her challenges as a black female artist. 

Bigo Live prides itself on providing an open and inclusive platform that allows artists to showcase their talent and artistry and amplify the voices of the creative community. Home to many black creators like Eunique, Bigo Live strives to support and celebrate their contributions. 

In honour of Black History Month, Bigo Live also donated $5,000 to Be Someone, a non-profit organization that offers resources for children in underserved communities.

“It is wonderful to see Bigo Live leverage its platform to empower communities and create an inclusive environment where people can share their stories and talents openly. It is also exciting to explore an alternative way to interact with my fans at home and even internationally. I look forward to making the night a memorable one,” said Eunique.

As the go-to source for interactive and engaging entertainment, Bigo Live seeks to empower users with a new social space that’s filled with exciting opportunities to discover new talents. With the announcement of her first concert on the platform, Eunique joins the ever-growing legion of artists and celebrities, including French rapper Morsay and Dutch singer I Am Aisha, who have joined Bigo Live to spread music and culture to audiences across the world.

To get your seat at the exclusive Eunique concert, download the Bigo Live app here and follow Eunique (Bigo id: euniqueoffiziell). For more updates on exclusive events and more, be sure to check out Bigo Live DE on Instagram.

About Bigo Live

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Tune in for for exclusive live music show and fan event on Saturday, May 29, from 20:00 to 21:00 (GMT+2)!