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  • 9 danke! Exberliner Birthday Bash!


9 danke! Exberliner Birthday Bash!

Nine years of EXB! Help us celebrate and inebriate! Ex-ATR-ist Hanin Elias and Mz Sunday Luv live, karaoke contests, special guests and DJs Shiner and Walter Crasshole.

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Looking at this year’s Exberliner birthday bash program – and it’s only the 9th anniversary – makes us anxiously wonder how our 10th birthday will culminate. But, hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

On June 24 Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke will pose as the crime scene for alleged culprits: Hanin Elias, Mz Sunday Luv and DJs Shiner and Walter Crasshole – Exberliner’s very own menace to sobriety.

Hanin Elias. Yeah, you might remember her from Atari Teenage Riot, stage diving in a swamp of screeching fans during the 1990s. These days her digital hardcore, anarchist, poetic belches have somewhat relieved themselves and Elias has taken the the road to solo-ville. In light (or should we say dark?) of her new album – Get It Back (Fatal Recordings) – she’s making a very special appearance for us and will appear full throttle this Friday.

And Mz Sunday Luv is capable of flourishing from any dark hole like a deviant trash-electro seductress. Her DJ style comes across bestial and aggressive as her shrill lyrics shoot across the venue like pink daggers to rapid 1980s electo and trance beats.

The girls dominate the main stage long enough for us to throw back a few cheap cocktails and muster up the courage to engage in our own cheap thrills with, whatever else but karaoke. Just make sure to bring your A-game – there are prizes involved.

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