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Exberliner Crime Issue: Out now!

Green terrorists, drug mules, rental scammers, criminal clans and more…

The November issue of Exberliner dives deep into Berlin’s underbelly and uncovers the stories behind the crimes. 

Long declared a kriminalitätsbelastete Ort, or a crime-ridden place, Kottbusser Tor is getting a new police station. But will an increased police presence, at the costs of several million euros, help or hinder? Is this about security, or gentrification?

Going to prison is a nightmare for many people. But how much do you actually know about life on the inside in Germany? The truth might shock you.  

Emboldened by the emergency powers given to them during the pandemic, a dangerous interpretation of the law is becoming commonplace amongst Berlin’s political class. Are Berlin’s politicians’ restrictions on free speech unconstitutional? 

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