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Go vegan, make your own cheese

You wanna go animal-free but can't give that deliciously melty obstacle up. Learn to make your own vegan cheese.

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Photo by Alexander Durie

You’ve been phasing out animal products, but there’s one deliciously melty obstacle blocking your path to full-on veganhood: cheese. If the plastic-tasting alternatives sold in supermarkets aren’t cutting it, head to Anderson Santos’ new vegan deli Kojiterie for one of his Cashewbert workshops. Who is Anderson Santos? “He’s the vegan cheese master of Europe, maybe even the world,” affirms a recent workshop attendee who has his own vegan cheese store in southeastern France and – like another vegan expert hailing from Israel – has travelled all the way here to learn from the Brazilian chef and part-time computer programmer. As you might have guessed, this is pretty geeky stuff. If you’re not prepared to take copious notes on the proper ratio of koji amazake culture to nut milk, go home and save yourself the €65 workshop fee. But those with due diligence will be rewarded with an exhaustive guide to creating creamy, funky dairy-free Camembert, blue cheese and Gouda, pre-made versions of which can be sampled at the end of the workshop. At which point you can take home one of Santos’ cheesemaking kits (€54.90, sold separately) and go to town. 

Next workshop Jan 20, 15:00, Hohenstaufenstr. 39, Schöneberg