Enjoy a soul balancing sushi experience at Goko's Feng Shui.

Enjoy a soul balancing sushi experience at Goko’s Feng Shui.

The five elements are represented on each table: bamboo (wood), candle (fire), sand (earth), metal balls (metal), and blue water. The atmosphere is light and airy with kebana flower arrangements as decoration, just what you’d expect from such a proper sushi bar. The fish is extremely fresh – the salmon is nicely marbled with fat, the tuna tender, the squid sweet, and the eel is tasty in its tare (a complex caramel like sauce) – too bad it is served cold and lacks crisp charred edges. There’s even a minority Japanese clientele dining here, always a good sign, and even better the chef is a true Itamae-San (10-years of sushi training)!