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Halloween 2022

Halloween in Berlin: The best parties, from spooky drag to dance

The season of sexy witches is upon us. Here's where to dress up and get down this Halloween in Berlin.

Need some spooky ideas for Halloween? We’ve got you covered. Photo: Kenny Eliason 

Trick-or-treating gets weird when you reach a certain age, and the only way you’re really allowed to enjoy Halloween any more is the parties. Luckily, Berlin has lots of those. So break out your costume, slap on some face paint, and get ready to dance, dance, dance! Here’s our selection of the best Halloween parties in Berlin for 2022.


The grounds of Kulturbrauerei offer plenty of space for exuberant parties. Photo: Imago/David Heerde

Kulturbrauerei is set to be a hellscape this weekend. But the burning lakes of sulphur and gleeful, pitchfork-wielding demons aren’t the result of our hedonistic sins. Rather it’s a two-day party across Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29. Get your face torn to shreds by prosthetics/make-up artist Hasso von Hugo, or experience purgatory in both the boiler room and machine house. DJ Miss Booty, DJ Guess, Jordan and Epicx, among others, will be making an appearance.

  • Kulturbrauerei Schönhauser Allee 36, Prenzlauer Berg, October 28, 29, from 21:00,  advance booking €12, tickets and further information here

Weekend Club

Party like it’s the end of the world at Weekend this weekend. Photo: Imago/POP-EYE

Weekend Club might seem like the fluro tank top of Berlin’s party venues, but it’s still somehow alluring. This weekend (instead of a V-neck) don a scary/sexy costume, get your make-up done by a pro on site, and have the venue photographer document the whole thing for you, before you line up for one of 100 free shots. Expect lots of hip-hop, with DJ Harris, DJ Gallus and DJ Onecip on the decks.

  • Weekend Club Alexanderstraße 7, Mitte, October 28-30, 22:00-6:00, from €14, get tickets here

Freiheit 15

In order to differentiate itself from the other Halloween parties in Berlin, Freiheit 15 steers in the direction of the Mexican festival of the dead (Día de los Muertos). How different it will be is still speculation; both traditions rely on skeletal imagery. Could be exciting, especially since Cherry Berlin and DJ Mad Zee are DJing, so expect a range of music from R’n’B to party hits.

  • Freiheit 15 Koepenick, 29.10. 21:00, admission from €12, more information here

Birgit’s Halloween Bambule

You’ll know if you’re on the right track when you see the statue. Photo: Fred Romero/CC BY 2.0

Get in the Halloween mood at Birgit&Bier. The name may sound like your auntie getting wasted at a tupperware party, but the club is actually worthwhile. Foolik, vom Feisten, Zusan and Karla Blum are all playing, so there’ll be plenty of 80s and 90s vibes. And once again, there is the obligatory make-up corner. 

  • Birgit&Bier Schleusenufer 3, Kreuzberg, October 29, 22:00 to 8:00, entry €15, more information and tickets here

Goanautika Halloween at Osthafen

Goa beats and Halloween visuals sound like a recipe for a bad trip, but Osthafen can pull it off. The organisers are battle-hardened in this regard, so you don’t have to worry about your mental state. A fire and LED show, suitable decoration and lots of suitable music, played by Ranji, Fabio Fusco and the Klopfgeister all but guarantee a good time.

  • Ost Hafen Berlin Alt Stralau 1-2, Friedrichshain, 29.10, 15:00-22:00, €25, further information here

Halloween party at Café Keese

Let your hair down at the Halloween party at Café Keese. Photo: Fridolin Freudenfett/CC BY-SA 4.0

Is that a café on the list? You bet it is. Although the Café Keese team call for dressing up, they also emphasise that there’s no obligation to do so. This is just a part of Café Keese’s relaxed and down-to-earth vibe. DJ Tommy (Hey Tommy!) will be spinning tunes. 

  • Café Keese Bismarckstraße 108, Charlottenburg, October 28, 19.30, €5, more information here

Halloween party at Große Freiheit 114

Große Freiheit 114 is considered a safe space for the LGBTIQ* community, and on October 29 there’ll be a big Halloween party aimed at this crowd. A small highlight will be Estelle von der Rhone, a dazzling personality from Berlin’s nocturnal partyscape. This Friedrichshain pub is a lovely splash of colour in the Berlin scene, one that we would actually recommend any day of the week. This promises to be one of the more alternative Halloween celebrations. 

  • Große Freiheit 114 Boxhagener Straße 114, Friedrichshain, October 29, 19:00 more information here

Electric Halloween Monday

Find out why a ghost ship is KitKat’s Halloween party them. Photo: Imago/PEMAX

Thar’ she blows! On October 31, KitKat will transform into a ghost ship. What’s special about this one is that it’s actually scheduled for the correct date. Must be nice, being a club so famous and so popular that you know you can sell out a Monday night party! This means there will be a particularly eager crowd, all dressed to impress (costumes are a requirement of entry, you’ve been warned). The lineup features Karina, Sagan, Frankie Flowerz and Ricardo Rodriguez.

  • KitKatClub Köpenicker Straße 76, Mitte, October 31, 22:00-7:00, €20 more information here


Hoppetosse is much better suited to a ghost ship than KitKat. Photo: Imago/Schöning

I’M ON A BOAT! If the ghost ship theme at KitKat isn’t authentic enough for you, there is still the chance to party on a real boat this Halloween. The dance floor at Hoppetosse may be small, but the location is really something special. Music provided by Dr Banana, Hamish & Toby, Melina Serser, Rasho and (appropriately) The Ghost.

  • Hoppetosse Eichenstraße 4, Alt-Treptow, October 30, 8:00, find more information here


A costume competition awaits you at SO36. Photo: Imago/Jan Huebner

So far, there have been no costume contests on this list, which is quite surprising considering it’s A) Halloween and B) Berlin. Luckily, at SO36 there is one – with cash prizes – moderated by US drag queen Pansy. It’s going to be a drag party with a spooky factor, so dress accordingly. 

  • SO36 Oranienstraße 190, Kreuzberg, October 30, 21:00, €15.40, tickets and more information here

Der Weißen Hase 

Follow the white rabbit, Neo. Der Weißen Hase is hosting a whole series of parties this week to celebrate Halloween. Techno Thursday on October 27 is our pick of the bunch featuring Dave (Techno Militia), Raffa FX (Bassscheibenvorfall) and ED2000 (Dangerous Drums). It promises two packed dance floors of hard techno and shakin’ tech-house. Costumes are not required. 

  • Der Weißen Hase Revaler Straße 99, Friedrichshain, October 27, 23:00-8:00 from €6, more information here


Renate is throwing a Halloween party. Photo: Imago/F. Anthea Schaap

Imagine the world just ended with a bang. It’s the apocalypse, and there’s only one safe haven left on the planet. That’s the theme this Halloween at Renate; a utopian festival with a dystopian theme. They’re promising weird installations and bizarre performances for this Apocalypse Ballroom event. Important: you can only enter the party in costume, the organisers have made that very clear. Germans love rules so much that they won’t even let you celebrate the end of the world without one! The lineup is TBA, so stay tuned.

  • Renate Alt-Stralau 70, Friedrichshain, October 27, 22:00-12:00, €28.40, more information here

Mensch Meier

Start the weekend with a bang at Mensch Meier. Photo: Imago/tagesspiegel

Mensch Meier has a relatively large line-up for Halloween. Lady Maru, Schirin, Mila Chiral, Mama Lior, Takt130 and many more will provide bone-rattling music on October 29. The dress code will be spooky, so come in costume, or expect to be disappointed at the door. 

  • Mensch Meier Storkower Straße 121, Prenzlauer Berg, 29.10, 23:59,

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