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Hallo(ween), Berlin! Our picks for the night

All costumed, face-painted and dressed to kill (literally) with no place to go? Don't worry about it; Exberliner sorts through this year's haul of Halloween parties and separates the treats from the tricks.

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Photo by Enno Lenze (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, resized and cropped to fit website)

If nothing scares you more on the final night of October than not knowing where to show your heavily painted face, then tremble not: Exberliner’s got your back with a lowdown on Berlin’s most chilling, and chillingly good, Halloween parties. Several of these are walking distance from one another, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

To start things off, there’s BIRGIT & BIER’S HALLOWEEN, the flyer for which commands you to “dress trashy and spooky”. Most of that trash will be concentrated on the first of two floors, dedicated to 1980s and 1990s pop, trash and hip hop and featuring artists such as Justin Tinderdate and Teddy Bear. If the thought of that sends shivers down your spine, you can always flee to the techno floor, where you’ll find Jens Bond, Gunnar Stiller and more.

Birgit & Bier’s Halloween | Birgit & Bier, Schleusenufer 3, Kreuzberg, U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor. 23:00

With their thick, Kiss-like face paint and aggressively bright and florid costumes, Russian-German band and electro-punk cabaret group SADO OPERA (they live in the Sado-Palace and drive the Sado-Mobile) seems to think it’s Halloween year-round… and who better to host your Halloween party? If you think you can outdo them, though, there’s a costume contest.

Sado Opera Halloween | Generator Hostel, Oranienburger Str. 65, Mitte, S-Bhf Oranienburger Str. 21:00

Like any good Western holiday, Halloween is a result of respectable Christianity appropriating older, wilder and doubtless far more fun pagan rituals. Naming your party after SAMHAIN, the Gaelic festival that gave us costumes and trick-or-treating, therefore adds a bit of mysticism and intrigue to the atmosphere. K17 will be serving mead, meat and bonfires to that effect, as well as several floors offering different genres and eras of music for heathens of all proclivities.

Samhain | K17, Pettenkoferstr. 17, Lichtenberg, S+U-Bhf Frankfurter Allee. 22:00

Definitely don’t miss the HAUNTED HOUSE + HALLOWEEN BASH at the Stummfilmkino Delphi. There will be tons to do and see here, starting with the haunted house itself, designed by a team of over 20 artists as an “immersive performance experience that’s like walking through a live horror film”. After that, there’s a number of ‘trash’-themed live performances, plenty of music, the obligatory costume contest and – for the really spiritual – a midnight séance. Even the dead won’t have time to sleep here!

Haunted House + Halloween Bash | ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Gustav-Adolf-Str. 2, Prenzlauer Berg, S-Bhf Prenzlauer Allee. 18:00

There seems to be a prevalence of ‘trashy’ parties this year, but we won’t hold it against this one. Pretty much an established Berlin tradition by now, White Trash Fast Food’s HALLOWEEN PARTY offers an array of local rock bands, plus Swedish garage blues duo Thee Gravemen and London-based all-girl quartet The Franklys. Make-up or a mask obligatory; costume not required, but it will save you €5 on entrance!

Halloween Party | White Trash Fast Food, Am Flutgraben 2, Treptow, S-Bhf Treptower Park. 21:00

Even White Trash will be like Halloween at the Hamptons compared to BOO! HALLOWEEN PARTY at Matrix. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with plenty of tourists and adolescents to a soundtrack of top 40 hits – you decide whether that’s more trick or treat. And don’t forget the lame Halloween puns and ‘scary’ words tacked onto everything (we at Exberliner would never stoop to that level). Easily deserves this year’s boo-by prize.

BOO! Halloween Party | Matrix, Warschauer Platz 18, Friedrichshain, S+U-Bhf Warschauer Str.. 22:00

Finally, what would Halloween be without a bit of politics? Well… Halloween. But if any place was ever going to mix the two, it would be Berlin, no? Hosted by Berlin-Irish Pro Choice Solidarity, SAMHAIN AR AN SPREE offers activities, games and ghost stories for (planned) children throughout the afternoon, followed by drinks and live music for the adults from 6pm. Just make sure those kids are back home stuffing themselves on candy before Razor Cunts take the stage.

Samhain ar an Spree | Wagenburg Lohmühle, Lohmühlenstr. 17, Treptow, U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor. 14:00