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Reach new heights with your yoga practice

Change your life and join the process of becoming a yoga teacher

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HIGH ON YOGA is an English-speaking yoga studio in Kreuzberg. In its beautiful 100m2 space it offers physically and spiritually intense vinyasa yoga classes and teacher trainings. The HIGH ON YOGA style combines dynamic alignment-focused Ashtanga-based flow with an embracing body-positive approach. Photo: HIGH ON YOGA
Yoga is almost as vast as human experience is, it is actually life, with the only difference that through yoga you start approaching life in a new way. Still, a personal quest for truth and well-being can’t be done just like that, one needs proper tools and the right direction to start with – and this is the role of a yoga teacher training course. On September 18th 2021, starts another round of HIGH ON YOGA’s intensive Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training which includes detailed postures study, hands-on assists, pranayama, meditation, applied anatomy, theory of yoga, structuring a class, teaching skills and more. The purpose of this training is to shift one’s understanding of yoga to a new level, to pass the skills to teach and provide the necessary confidence for this inspiring profession. The main focus of this course is the art of hands-on adjustments along with a deepen alignment and applied anatomy for the asana practice. The training puts a lot of emphasis on learning the skills to build and teach balanced yet powerful classes. The training is divided into 10 intensive weekends (Saturday & Sunday).This first-level yoga teacher training course is held entirely in English and consists of two modules: the initial 100-hour introductory course and the 300-hour complete course. Do you want to join the training? Find all details here: vinyasateachertraining.eu Follow HIGH ON YOGA on Instagram for more insights @highonyogaberlin