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  • Melt! Festival giveaway terms and conditions


Melt! Festival giveaway terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

Content accepted in all mediums. The winner will be selected based on originality.

Theme requirements:

a) MELT festival or

b) Social discovery and meeting new people

Examples of content (but not limited to):

  • A short-list of artists you are most excited to see at MELT!
  • A list and/or accompanying visuals of the types of people you meet at different kinds of events, festivals, bars, parties
  • A survival guide for a festival, for a networking event, for being a foreigner, for working in a start up, including items to bring, things to remember. This can be in picture form, info graphic or text form
  • Create original poster(s) for MELT! or artwork related to meeting new people and social discovery. For example a funny “WANTED POSTER” for an individual you are seeking: girl, boy, friend, partner in crime.

Be as creative as you like! The winner will be announced Monday, July 14

 Please note: 

  • All submissions are subject to possible use on www.getmbrace.com/blog/
  • Content must be submitted by Sunday July 13
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, July 14