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Resolution: Mülltrennung, baby!

Single, lonely and looking for Berlin's trashiest hunks? Berlin's sanitation department has your back: adorn the walls of your bachelor/ette pad with a calendar full of the BSR's finest manly bods to remind you always to separate your recyclables!

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Ladies, have you ever wondered where the real men are in Berlin? You know: strapping, employed, tidy, eco-conscious and ever-so-German? Look no further than your rubbish bin!

The BSR, Berlin’s sanitation department, takes such pride in its “Tonnenboys” (garbagemen) that it puts 12 of its finest on a yearly Tonnenboykalendar, printed on recycled paper in glorious black, white and BSR orange.

The 2016 10th-anniversary “best-of” edition (€14.99) just came out, featuring the droolworthy likes of Alexander Stöber, striding shirtless through a steamy locker room. And Andreas Struck, rocking a mean dad-bod next to his wife Anja. And the older, heavyset Frank-Michael Wolf, sweating through his uniform atop a girder in a re-enactment of that famous construction worker photo.

Okay, so it’s not all beefcake. Neither is it particularly diverse – either the BSR’s been doing some whitewashing, or Berlin only trusts the bio-Germans with its trash. But at a massive 50cm by 50cm (including 12 detachable postcards!), it’s sure to remind you to separate your recyclables. You can buy it online here.