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My perfect Berlin weekend: Chad Matheny

Chad Matheny moved to Berlin with his music project Emperor X in 2013. He also co-manages scrappy Neukölln jazz Kneipe Donau115.

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7:30 Early morning sprints with my eyes closed on the Tempelhof runways.

8:30 An eponymous beverage at Espresso Bar, thatseedy counter by the Jobcenter (Hermannstr. 214, Neukölln).

9:30 Meet a friend for a ful and spinach pocket breakfast at Azzam (Sonnenallee 54, Neukölln).

10:30 Meander along the Landwehr Canal (Kreuzberg) and hit the trampolines by the skate park, before the kids get out of school and have all the fun.

11:30 Browse the shelves at collective bookstore b_books (Lübbener Str. 14, Kreuzberg).

12:30 Take my new book and a blank notebook back to Görli and read/nap/read until I’m sunburned.

21:00 Concert time at Loophole (Boddinstr. 60, Neukölln) awaits!

23:00 Skip up the block to Laidak (Boddinstr. 42, Neukölln) for a quick drink and go to bed before midnight, because… Saturday

7:00 …getting up early to see what party is on at Keller (Karl-Marx-Str. 52, Neukölln), Ohm (Köpenicker Str. 70, Kreuzberg) or Griessmühle (Sonnenallee 221, Neukölln) is much more fun than staying out all night.


12:00 I hop on the Ring, quick stop at the Edeka in Südkreuz (open Sundays!), then on to Drachenberg (Grunewald) and up to the peak for drinking and kite-watching.

20:00 Sober up with reliably-fantastic Vietnamese food at Hamy (Hasenheide 10, Neukölln).

21:00 Nothing’s nicer than a film to cap off a great weekend, so I’d see what’s on at Passage Kino in the Neuköllner Oper building (Karl-Marx-Str. 131).