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  • HoliDAZE part 2: New Year’s Eve party round-up


HoliDAZE part 2: New Year’s Eve party round-up

While certain celebrities turned viral video icons at the Brandenburg Gate have their allure, we're certain you'll be looking for more options than that on Silvester. We have the rundown on all things related to ending this decade.

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Bonaparte photo by Caesar

See the year off with a well-deserved “what was that?” from the following arbitrary Cavalcade of Regrets: Every DJ under the moon, including Adam Port and Jake the Rapper will be popping into Alte Münze, “Hypnotized” chart-climber Oliver Koletzki circulates at Maria, while Cookies says “yeah” and hands it over to Soul Clap.

Birthmark helps abort 2010 at Schokoladen, as Dirt Crew’s Break 3000 makes a break with the decade at Kleine Reise.

Ostfunk brings hirsute Jake the Rapper in for a second spin, assembling a cast of thousands at Astra.That would include Get Physical’s Turmspringer, who also dives toward a subsequent paycheck at Oderberger Stadtbad, along with Cinthie.

Tresor brings its regulars, including the legendary Blake Baxter and Suzi Wong.

Boys Noize babies Les Petits Pilous shrink the year at the save-from-gentrification Icon Club.

Schülze & Sohne shine at ZMF.

Minimal masters Tobi Neumann and Onur Özer concur at Weekend.

Men In Black cash in at Kaffee Burger, Bonaparte bounces between the turntables at Festsaal Kreuzberg (EXBERLINER has a giveaway for this party – see the event link for details). Karrera Klub ushers in 1989 at Magnet, while Les Kitschenettes prefer 1969 at Bassy.

The ninth edition of Odyssee, a mini-festival for electronic music and arts is bursting open in the old Kindl Brewery in Neukölln, for one of those 40-hour bashes that are certain to leave you tempered for the now seemingly limited remainder of your life.

Blog-blessed underground venue Villa hosts DJs and artists from London and Berlin alike, featuring E-Kreisel and Awesome DJ Team. Sure to be dubbed ‘wicked’ by the nightcrawlers that scour the internet as well.

MMX, the popular one-year project that reignited debates about Mitte’s march toward total gentrification, throws a New Year’s bash to mark the end of its endeavor… and comes full circle from last year’s pre-opening Silvester celebration.

And for the multikulti crowd, the TangoConspiracyTeam is organizing a three-day dance marathon, which will last three days. Does the traditional now sound fierce or just drawn out?

The same goes for the salsa Silvester at Havanna.

That should be enough action for you to be able to steer clear of the Brandenburg Gate, unless you want to catch Bonnie Tyler doing that one song she’s known for…