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Open up: The Open Knowledge Festival

Tailor programmed for everyone from hardware designers to surveillance (not-so) paranoids, from July 15-17 at Kulturbrauerei Open Knowledge Festival is the world's biggest free data and knowledge sharing event of the year. Time to expand your mind!

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Photo courtesy of the OK Festival website (okfn.org)

The world’s largest free data sharing festival is coming to Berlin July 15-17, with over 1000 participants from data techies to surveillance activists all getting in on the action.

Not familiar with the terms Open Data and Open Knowledge? Well, they’re basically what they say on the tin… knowledge and data that is open for anyone or any business to use or manipulate – ranging from cultural to scientific to environmental data, even delving into the enthralling world of transport information! The festival is one giant pool dedicated to the sharing of free information, with a no holds barred attitude on how the public can use it.

Attendees will also have access to government statistics – something the fest considers of great importance at a time of fading parliamentary transparency.

Discussion groups will tackle topics from surveillance issues to the use of intellectual property, and keynote speakers from internet powerhouses like Google and Wikimedia will all take part in the abundant program.

If all of this still sounds already too stuffy and intellectual for you, wait, you don’t need to don your anorak and thick-rimmed glasses just yet. OK Fest is a hive of interactive and engaging activity. Not only offering open-source information to the masses, the experience will also feature art installations from Kenyan graffiti artists and Berlin’s own, lightly provocative Peng Collective, as well as hands-on arts and crafts for the non-digital savvy types, not to mention boatloads of edible delights will be supplied by some of Berlin’s finest gourmet food trucks!

For more details visit okfn.org.

Open Knowledge Festival, Jul 15-17 | Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, Prenzlauer Berg, U-Bhf Eberswalder Str.