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EXBERLINER’s Summer Issue

OUT NOW! "1001 ways to drown in SUMMER FUN", "The TRUTH about Berlin's TAP WATER", "SWIMMING in the SPREE - without the shit" and much more. Plus: Berlin's best ICE CREAM, Turkish FISH for the gods and a short story by award-winner CLARE WIGFALL.

Image for EXBERLINER's Summer Issue
Photo by Tamsin Ross Van Lessen

EXBERLINER’S July-August Water Issue is out now!

Inside you’ll find:

Get wet! Party spots, hangover cures, fairytale dates and more…

Tap or bottle, dead or alive: How clean is our tap water?

Drown in the summer fun! A Berliner’s guide to drowning.

Free the Spree: How a sexy new environmental project could make Berlin’s river clean enough to swim in.

Dockyards on the Dole Very little is left of Berlin’s industrial past – but its dockyards and canals aren’t dead yet.


Help! The post-tourism tourists are here… An interview about Berlin’s changing tourist-scape with urban planner Johannes Novy. Alev, a short story by award-winning writer Clare Wigfall. And where to find Berlin’s best ice cream!

And much more…

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