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Fête de la Musique

Our music editor’s guide to Fête de la Musique 2022

Our guide to the very best venues, acts and performances at this year's Fête de la Musique 2022.

Photo: Jim Kroft

With over 140 stages, around 100,000 guests, and ad-hoc concerts on almost every street corner, Fête de la Musique can be almost impossible to navigate. 

Our guide to the Fête begins on the eve of the festival, on the 20th at Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt.

This opening evening concert is the perfect taster for what is to come, with bands of all genres performing for free in the famed modernist housing project.

20th June, 18:15, Gemeinschaftshaus Großer Saal, Neukölln

Get down early for an important and timely show from Ukraine’s Exilorchester Mirya  (18:15) and stay here all night. With terrific shows from Cameroonian star Irma (19:00) and Malta’s The New Victorians (19:45) making up the curator’s picks before the music is rightfully handed over to the kiez for the night programme.

Photo: Jim Kroft

From (20:30) onwards, Fujiama Nightclub will take over with appearances from Christine Seraphin, Una Gonschorr, Mando, I Hate My Crew, and Mika.

When, or if, things finally wind down, get some rest before the Fête de la Musique starts in earnest the day after.

21st June

The summer solstice is always the longest day of the year, but this one is going to be even longer than most as you make your way around the city from gig to gig. 

Start in Neukölln. Since this year’s Fête falls on a Tuesday, we’re keeping the day-drinking to a minimum and the events don’t really get started until the early afternoon.

So, keep things cute and family-friendly, for Chöre im Körnerpark (16:00) before heading out to Prenzlauer Berg and the Zeiss Groß-Planetarium (18:00) where any sensible school-night  itinerary should come to a close.

Of, course, you can enjoy the planetarium hall itself, where concerts will be piped-in through the speakers of the 360° projection of Berlin’s starry sky.

Or, the much better decision, is to head on up to the roof because as the shortest night of the year slowly, but inevitably falls, you can catch DILLA, Leepa, Mia Morgan, and Varley, in a truly exceptional venue.

But, this is no sensible school night, this is the Fête de la Musique, so whip out that 9 Euro ticket and head back on over to Neukölln where our perfect night will in fact come to a close.

Grungy, bluesy, and all things six-strings Tor 7 will be at the Reuterstraßenbühne (21:10) and that is where you’ll stay until DJ Jackson (22:00) will be spinning tunes until the Ordnungsamt eventually arrive to put an end to the festivities. That is, until next year.

For your own itinerary, check-out the interactive map: https://www.fetedelamusique.de/en/