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  • Open-air pools in Berlin: The best spots for outdoor swimming


Open-air pools in Berlin: The best spots for outdoor swimming

Open-air pools are an integral part of the Berlin summer. We round up the city's best locations for swimming, splashing and sunbathing.

Sommerbad Kreuzberg – ‘Prinzenbad

Sommerbad Kreuzberg, aka Prinzenbad. Photo: Imago/Emmanuele Contini

Better known as ‘Prinzenbad’, this pool is a meeting place for all Kreuzberg bathing enthusiasts: from dive-bombing kids to grannies with their bathing caps. If you want to swim undisturbed, you should stop by in the early morning before the crowds arrive. There are two 50-metre pools (one heated and one unheated), while younger swimmers can enjoy the water fountains of the shallow pool. The cafeteria serves just about everything from salads to chips and cakes.

  • Address: Prinzenstraße 113-119, Kreuzberg
  • Getting there U1/U3 to Prinzenstraße
  • Opening times daily. 7:00-20:00
  • More info

Sommerbad Neukölln

Sommerbad Neukölln, aka Columbiabad. Photo: Imago/Sven Lambert

Sommerbad Neukölln – sometimes called Columbiabad – is packed in the summer. Regular swimmers do laps in the sports pool while families relax on the spacious lawn. The ten-metre diving tower and 80-metre slide are undoubtedly the main attractions, so good luck getting the kids out. If you get hungry, the obligatory swimming pool snacks are available.

  • Address Columbiadamm 160, Neukölln
  • Getting there U8 to Boddinstraße
  • Opening times Mon-Sun 7:00-20:00 
  • More info

Sommerbad Humboldthain

Sommerbad Humboldthain. Photo: Imago/tagesspiegel

During school summer holidays, there’s lots of action across Berlin’s outdoor pools. This is especially true for Humboldthain. The 50-metre pool, the non-swimmers’ pool with slide and the paddling pool for toddlers are usually crowded. Those afraid of sunburn should arrive early and secure a shady spot under the tall plane trees on the sunbathing lawn. Tip for those with cultural inclinations: the pool’s ‘Tropez’ snack bar not only serves tasty snacks but also organises readings, performances and workshops.

  • Address Wiesenstraße 1, Wedding
  • Getting there S1, S2, S25 to Humboldthain, U8 to Gesundbrunnen
  • Opening times  29.05. Sun–Mon 10:00–18:00 + Sat 6:00–18:00; 30.05.–10.7. Tue–Sun 7:00–20:00 + Mon 10:00–20:00; 11.7.–21.08.Wed–Sun 7:00–20:00 + Mon 10:00–21:00 + Tue 7:00–21:00; 22.08.–04.09. Tue–Sun 7:00–20:00 + Mon 10:00–20:00 
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Sommerbad Pankow

Sommerbad Pankow. Photo: Imago/Olaf Wagner

Berlin’s largest Sommerbad offers everything you could imagine in a swimming facility which sprawls over 100,000 square metres. Several slides – including a high-speed chute – as well as an adventure pool with artificial current make this every kid’s dream. For the landlubbers, there’s plenty of room to kick a football or throw a frisbee. Sommerbad Pankow also offers a separate nudist area on the sunbathing lawn, if you’re that way inclined. 

  • Address Wolfshagener Straße 91-93, Pankow
  • Getting there U2 and S2 to Pankow, Tram 50 to Stiftsweg 
  • Opening times Mon-Thu 8:00-20:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-19:00, from 04.07, 7:30-20:00 daily, from 22.08 8:00-20:00 daily. 
  • More info

Sommerbad Wilmersdorf

Sommerbad Wilmersdorf. Photo: Imago/Sven Lambert

If you know why this outdoor pool is called ‘Lochowbad’ you’ve officially passed the Berlin test! This is where Wilmersdorfers, Charlottenburgers and Schönebergers of all ages go to enjoy the sun. Usually filled with kids jumping from the ten-metre tower into the diving pool and sporty types doing laps in the 50-metre pool, there are also various child-friendly paddling pools in which to splash around. You can also make use of the badminton courts and trampolines if you don’t feel like getting wet. 

  • Address Forckenbeckstraße 14, Wilmersdorf
  • Getting there S45, S46, S47, U3 to Heidelberger Platz
  • Opening times dailly. 7:00-20:00 
  • More info

Kombibad Seestraße

Kombidad Seestraße. Photo: Imago/Sven Lambert

The unpretentious Kombibad Seestraße is popular among residents of Wedding as a place to cool off on hot days. The indoor pool is closed in summer, but the outdoor area opens with a heated 50-metre pool and shallower non-swimmer’s pool, diving board and children’s slide. A large sunbathing lawn with children’s playground and sports area completes the outdoor pool experience.

  • Address Seestraße 80, Wedding
  • Getting there U8, U9 to Osloer Straße
  • Opening times Tue–Sun 7:30–20:00 + Mon 10:00–20:00
  • More info 

Kinderbad Monbijou

Museum Island. Photo: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

Despite its central location next to Museum Island, things are surprisingly quiet in this children’s pool. It’s great for a quick cool-down after work. The little ones can play in the paddling pool, while the slightly bigger ones can try their first swim in the non-swimmer pool, which is max. 1.30 metres deep. And if your children already have the Seepferdchen-badge, they can swim without the supervision of their parents, leaving them to relax on the lawn and enjoy the sun’s rays. Ice cream, snacks and drinks are also available here.

  • Address Oranienburger Straße 78, Mitte
  • Getting there S3, S5, S7, S9 to Hackescher Markt, Tram M5 Monbijouplatz
  • Opening times daily 11:00-19:00 
  • More info 


Haubentaucher. Photo: Haubentaucher

The centrepiece of Haubentaucher is the 240-square-metre heated pool. After grabbing a cool drink from the bar, you can relax under palm fronds in a sun lounger on the deck. An urban oasis in the middle of the busy RAW-Gelände and a great way to cool off before heading out for the evening. Be sure to check the website for special events. 

  • Address Revaler Straße 99, Friedrichshain
  • Getting there Warschauer Straße U+S
  • Opening times Mon-Thu 12:00-20:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-23:00, Sun 12:00-21:00 
  • More info 


Badeschiff. Photo: Imago/Westend61

This has to be one of the weirdest outdoor bathing spots in Berlin. The privately operated pool-in-the-Spree is less about swimming than about seeing and being seen. Popular with tourists and Berliners after a night out, you might recognise someone from the club last night. There’s also a beach bar for added holiday vibes – but don’t try to bring your own drinks. Yoga classes are offered regularly on the beach, and you can rent SUP boards for paddling on the Spree. There are also live concerts now and again.

  • Address Eichenstraße 4, Treptow
  • Getting there S41, S42 to Treptower Park
  • Opening times you need to book a 2-hour session online or with the Urban Sports app
  • More info

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