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French Berlin

The Exberliner guide to French Berlin

In love with French food, literature, history and cinema? Check out our gallic guide to Berlin

French Berlin

The Urban Spree founders: “If it’s good, we’ll come!”

The founders of Urban Spree Véronique and Pascal Feucher on Berlin's creativity "sponge"


Berlin’s Francophiles: The allure of French culture

For Germans, French culture has a seductive allure. We meet the francophiles applying their own savoir-vivre to […]

French Berlin

Violaine Toth: A design for life

When ceramicist Violance Toth left Fontainebleau for Berlin, she learned a craft and discovered a new identity

French Berlin

Emilia Roig: Germany didn’t overcome racism in 1945

Emilia Roig on the Center for Intersectional Justice and her love-hate relationship to Berlin


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